Dopple DeFi Ecosystem

$TWX - Twindex Token

The TWX token is used as a utility token that is required to mint tAssets.
The TWX token accrues its value by its requirement to collateralize tAssets. As tAssets usages grow stably, the Collateral Ratio will decrease, hence consuming even more TWX to mint more tokens. This in turn decreases the circulating supply of TWX and drives its price up.
In addition, TWX token holders will also be able to engage with our platform through events to be announced, which will gradually be rolled out after Twindex launches.
Symbol: TWX
Name: Twindex
Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Maximum Supply: Unlimited
Emission rate: 3 TWX per block
The development fund is 30% of the emission rate.
The emission rate will be adjusted with prior notice corresponding to how the market responds