Roadmap 2021
Last update on 17 June 2021


    Launch of Dopple Finance
    Fair Launch of Dopple Token
    Staking Pools for BUSD, USDT, DAI, USDC
    Staking Pool for DOP


    Launch of UST pool
    List on Coingecko & CoinMarketCap
    Asset-Backed Stablecoin $DOLLY
    UI Updates & Dark Mode
    Launch of - The first synthetic stock exchange on BSC
    Provide the ability to add liquidity to pools in our own ecosystem at
    Revenue Share Pool
    CEX Listings: |
    Smart Contract Audit by CertiK
    Polygon Bridge


    Dopple 1.1 - New Routing Engine for Best Rate Swap
    DOPX migration
    New Stablecoin Liquidity Pools: USDN, TUSD
    Launch of KUSD stablecoin - dynamic fractional-algorithmic stablecoin
    Partner adoption for $DOLLY and $KUSD
    Binance MVB III program participation
    Twindex 2.0 - The World’s First Fractional-Algorithmic Synthetic Assets
    Partner with Auto-Compounding platforms
    Add support for additional web and mobile wallets
    Twindex Lending for Synthetic Assets
    Portfolio Dashboard for Twindex and Dopple


    Expansion to Harmony
    Expansion to Ethereum
    Expansion to Solana
    Hyper-Chain on Ethereum fork network
    Dopple Wallet
    Additional Audits


    Dopple Finance 2.0
    Dopple Crypto Card
    Crypto Management Fund
Please note that this roadmap is subject to be updated and might change over time.
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