$TWIN - Twindex Token

General Information

    Symbol: TWIN
    Token Contract Address: 0x3806aae953a3a873D02595f76C7698a57d4C7A57
    Token Type: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
    Max Supply: 100,000,000 TWIN

How can TWIN be used?

    TWIN can be used to earn more $TWIN in $TWIN staking pool
    TWIN can be staked at Diamond Hands pool to earn part of 70% share from swap fees on twindex.com​
    More use cases will be announced soon

Token Distribution

The token is divided into two parts
    70% (70,000,000 TWIN): Distributed as pool rewards
    30% (30,000,000 TWIN): Development funds for active development

Emission Rate

Period after launch (Days)
Duration (Days)
Emission Rate ($TWIN / Block)
Emission Amount ($TWIN)
0 - 1.33
2.69 M
7x Bonus with 80% Reward Locked
1.33 - 7
5.76 M
3x Bonus with 80% Reward Locked
8 - 38
8.92 M
49 - 300
21.77 M
301 - 700
23.04 M
701 - 800
4.32 M
801 - 1,962.88
33.49 M
Until reach max supply

Bonus Period and Reward Locking

To incentivize users to provide liquidity at launch, a bonus emission rate is provided in the first 7 days. During this duration, 80% of the reward tokens are locked up for 30 days after launch. These tokens are locked in the contract and will not be lost.
After the release period starts, you will be able to claim your locked rewards. The tokens will be linearly unlocked over the course of 30 days to prevent dumping after unlocking. Note that everyone's token will be unlocked at the same time, regardless of when you get the reward.
β€ŒReward unlock completion time: https://bscscan.com/block/countdown/9627010​
For example:
    You have 30,000 locked tokens during the bonus period. With linear unlocking, you will approximately receive 1,000 tokens each day, or 41.67 tokens every hour.
    Right after the unlock period starts, you can claim 0 tokens since there are no unlocked tokens yet.
    After 24 hours, you can claim 1,000 tokens.
    After 10 days, you can claim 9,000 tokens.
    At the end of the unlocking period, you claim your remaining tokens and receive 20,000 tokens.
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