Dopple DeFi Ecosystem

$DOLLY - USD-pegged Stablecoin

DOLLY has now evolved to Kelly USD! Read about KUSD and how it is going to be utilized in KUSD Documentation

100% Asset-Backed Stablecoin

The launch of our stablecoin was a significant milestone for the Dopple Finance project and its use cases. DOLLY is a 100% asset-backed stablecoin, pegged to the USD. DOLLY was designed to enable efficient trading between pegged value crypto assets and unlock even more opportunities in the DeFi space.
The current circulation of DOLLY can be viewed here:
The BUSD/USDT collateral is held in a smart contract and can be viewed here:

How to get DOLLY?

You can mint DOLLY by depositing BUSD and/or USDT. The exchange rate is 1:1, with a platform fee* of 0.01 DOP per DOLLY. The fees will go into Dopple's treasury.

Can I redeem DOLLY for stablecoins?

Yes! Click Redeem in the Dolly menu to convert your DOLLY back to BUSD or USDT with a platform fee* of 0.02 DOP per DOLLY. Alternatively, you can swap your DOLLY assets into BUSD or USDT.

What are the use cases for DOLLY?

DOLLY can be used to trade assets on Dopple.Finance and DOLLY can also be used as collateral to mint synthetic assets on More use cases will be added. Start minting $DOLLY here: * Platform fee is subject to the current $DOP price and might be adjusted as the price changes to keep it at a fair rate.