Dopple DeFi Ecosystem

[Legacy] Diamond Hands Revenue Share

What are the Diamond Hands Pools?

We're introducing a new Buy Back Mechanism and we're redistributing our revenues to our most loyal holders! The earnings are dynamic. This means, the bigger we grow, the more you earn as well.

How does it work?

Buy back process

Every 8 hours, our system will use 70% of our revenues generated from swap fees on to buy back DOP and redistribute those to token holders.
From 8 June - 19 June 2020, we allocated 100% of the swap fees to the Diamond Hands pools.
The buy back process happens every 8 hours, three times a day.
Current daily buy back schedule: 5 AM UTC, 1 PM UTC, 9 PM UTC.
Bought DOP tokens will be reserved in the reward bucket, to be used in the distribution process.

Distribution process

The amount of revenues to distribute DOP is calculated daily.
The distributed interest per day will be calculated daily, is calculated as follows: (Current reward bucket volume/14 days)
From the calculated distribution per day, the reward is distributed equally per block on that day. One day is approximately 28,800 blocks mined.
For example:
The first 14 days of fees are worth $30,000. This serves as the initial revenue bucket. The following three days will be calculated as follows:
Fee earned
Reward distribution formula
$DOP reward value
$DOP remaining bucket value
30,000 / 14
(27,858 + 30,000) / 14
(53,726 + 30,000) / 14
On day 1, assuming the reward pool is $2,142 worth of $DOP from the example:
  • DOP Diamond Hands Pool will be allocated 25% of $2,142 = 535.5 DOP on that day
  • TWIN Diamond Hands Pool will be allocated 75% of $2,142 = 1,606.5 DOP on that day
The rewards will be evenly distributed in each block based on your share in the pool. You can also see the APR for your estimated reward value.

How to participate?

Stake your DOP and/or TWIN tokens in one of the Diamond Hands Pools to get a share of our dynamic revenues:
25% will be distributed to DOP holders, who stake their DOP in the Diamond Hand Pools. 75% will be distributed to TWIN holders, who stake their TWIN in the Diamond Hand Pools.
Penalty Fee
A penalty fee of 1% will be applied when withdrawing your funds within 14 days after depositing into the Diamond Hands Pools. Please note that any following deposit extends the penalty period for another 14 days, also for your initial deposit.
This deducted fee will also be taken into account for the buy back.